Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sita Sings The Blues

The story started with a couple with a cat, where the man was offered a job to do in India, but ends up living there, while they were on discussion about the offer, the scene shift to 3 shadow puppets who are discussing about India's origins, and about the Ram's family, which is base on the Ramanaya.  The 3 shadows continue to narrate the story about Rama, and the couples scene is inserted during the narration.

picture credit
Produce by Nina Paley and directed by her
Released on 2008
Garnered a lot of awards.

The story is quite interesting since it is told in a funny way, the animation is different and the songs are quite entertaining. I thought I won't finish this movie since the animation was a  little weird, but the narration and dialogues was quite entertaining, I actually find myself watching the entire film.

And the very surprising part about this anime is, the owner decided to release this film for free and is only asking for donations, do please go to this site, to see the film.

This anime did got some controversy as a group of people in India did not like the way Ramayana's tale was portrayed in this anime.