Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pale Cocoon (ペイル・コクーン)

In the distant future humans live in colonies and there is no trace of the once lush forest or sparkling rivers.

Ura one of the main characters in this film works for the Archive Excavation Department, which decodes the images gathered from the former world, he tried to make extra analysis of the images restored as he hopes to see the green fields, their department is the only one left in the upper colony and will be moved to the lower colony soon. It seems people at this time was living underground and also the sun does not give out rays anymore and humans had to live underground in order to survive, so it seems. The Department where Ura worked takes care of the gathered information from the past and connecting them together, or restoring them in order for the new generation to understand what has happened in the past. As they have never seen the surface of the Earth. However as time passes people lost hope or was not interested anymore in the work, so less and less people now worked in the Department.

As Ura finished off the image, he was sent another file by his co-worker, but this time it was not an image but a video, a very rare find. As they worked to restore the video, Ura's friend Riko who works on the same department was losing enthusiasm working in the Archive, as it was depressing to see how humans destroyed the surface, but as they were restoring the video, Ura realize something while watchin the video and made him ran for the elevators....

Release on 2006 by Studio Rikka and DIRECTIONS
Written and Directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura
This is an OVA.
Awarded for the Best Screen Play in SAPPORO Short Fest 2006

Soundtrack has only 1 song which is "Aoi Tamago" by Little Moa, the rest are music scores from the movie.

Lyrics can be found at
The sound scores you can find in youtube, just do a search.

Wallpaper for this anime can be found at, so far only found this one image that is kinda nice.

What I love about this anime is the technology being shown such as this:
Ura's workspace

Love the spread being shown in this monitor

Everything is digital, from the monitor to the mouse and keyboard.

I think Interactive UI are fun to work with and very futuristic right?
One of the fascinating idea in technology introduced in this film is this

A book that they can use to communicate, record, edit and save. Now that would be interesting to use.

Looking at Anime like these always reminds me that the technology they are showing will soon be a reality, just take a look at these videos:

Our technology is slowly getting there.