Thursday, May 3, 2012

Perfect Blue (パーフェクトブルー)

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This anime is not for kids, story has some violence in it.

A pop idol group called CHAM is doing a performance, and the lead singer Mima is suppose to make an announcement that she will leave the group to pursue an acting career, but before she could do it, a group of boys started throwing things, and was reprimanded by a strange looking person. After the scuffle the group finally made the announcement and some fans did not like this change at all. As Mima was being escorted to the car someone gave her a note, and said "I'm always looking at Mima's room."  Which surprised her. When she opened the note there was a url at the bottom, asking her Manager - Rumi about it, she was told that it was a website. So enlisting Rumi's help, she got on the internet and view the site, which turn out to be a diary online of Mima, but Mima wasn't the one doing the entry, yet the entries online was very accurate. Which creeps her out further.

On the set of Double Bind, a TV series, she was given as small role, her Manager wanting to give her a bigger exposure asked the writer if they can give Mima a chance to show his acting capability, so she was given a bigger role, but at the expense of her reputation. This did not turn out well to some of her fans, and due to the scenes she was portraying, Mima was having a hard time distinguishing from the reality and dream state. This was further complicated with the writer being murdered in the same manner as in the set. Is Mima the killer? Or is it just a dream?

Released on 1997 by Rex Entertainment
Directed by Satoshi Kon
Winning an award at Fantasia Festival and Fantasporto Film Festival

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Interview with the Director:

There are portions in the movie that confused me as the days seems to merge, but all in all in is quite a mind twisting kind of a movie. I sometimes wonder for some people who makes drastic change in their life and at the expense of their reputation, is it really worth it?