Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gundam Seed Destiny: Special Edition I (The Broken World)(機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY スペシャルエディション)

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Gundam is very famous for it's series, and they have made a movie based on that series though there is a summary at the beginning of the movie as to the status of the story and it's characters, I would highly suggest to see the series first or read some facts on the Gundam series to fully enjoy the movie. Though the Special Edition is meant to cover the episodes of the series, it has some altered portions in it.

The movie starts off with the summary of the previous war between the ORB and PLANT, and that a treaty was already formed for a peaceful co-habitation. Unfortunately 3 Gundam suit, equip with the latest features was stolen from the PLANT base by the Blue Cosmos, considered as a group of terrorist. Which now started another chaos and unfortunately unknown to the two sides(ORB and PLANT), it seems that the terrorist plan was successfully executed. Now history is about to repeat itself due to this. Will they be able to save their treaty? Or will the all too familiar war totally broke loose this time around?

Released on 2006 by Sunrise Studio
Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda
The Gundam Seed series has won some award, but the film version did not.
However it is still popular among anime lovers.

Gundam Seed SE Soundtrack  can be viewed at wikipedia, kindly scroll to the appropriate section for Special Edition .

Result by Nami Tamaki  - lyrics and translation

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Best quotes from this movie:
Something has taken root,and began to grow, whether it's good or bad I still dont know yet, but since time stops  for no one, I have no choice but to move forward.Because afterall that is the whole point of being alive.  - Athrun zala

The best intentions of a great man can often lead them to make great mistakes, in addition statement by such men can easily be taken out of context by certain people, listeners with an agenda can interpret these words to suit their own purpose.

....keep that in mind....
- Chairman Gilbert Dullindal

Even an event that occurs only once can be interpreted in many different ways, the problem isn't how you got there, but what happens after that, and eventually that will lead to something else altogether, a good tree cannot grow from a bad seed, yet when you look at people in general, they just don't think of themselves as being bad seeds.
-Athrun zala

As usual I love their mobile suits, wonder when we can get to try out one of those. Below are some facts I have found so far:

1. The dialogues in this film hold some truth in it and is applicable to us in reality, what happens to the individuals in this film happened to someone also, how we react to it, how we handle the situation can either make things worse or better.

2.The Isuzu VX2 is actually inspired by one of the Gundam mobile suit.

3. Japanese is off course already trying to make make such a mobile unit, do please take time to read the Scientific America article on exoskeleton suits.

Latest news: Exoskeleton available for the disabled in London