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Tales From EarthSea (ゲド戦記)

At sea a ship is being tossed and turned by the storm, the captain of the boat called his weatherman to calm the storm, but the weatherman could not control the storm as he could not remember the names of the wind and sea. Then two dragons were sighted, what shocked them was that the dragons was fighting.

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Back on land, the King of Enlad is having a meeting, as a diseases was ravaging his country, it seems the land was in trouble, the King gave orders to control the situation, then proceeded to go to his office, but along the way he was told about the sightings of the two dragons, and his wizard Root told him it was a sign of a bad omen, to further the bad news, two ladies reported the his son Arren was missing since the night before. Dismissed by the Queen, the King proceeded to his office alone, that's when a young boy suddenly appeared and stab the King and took his sword. The King's last word was "Arren".

At the shore, a wizard was just docking his boat. As he was investigating ships marooned on land, a wolf howled and he went to investigate.

The young boy who has the King's sword was being pursued by the wolves and as he was cornered the wizard rescued him. And he collapsed. The following day, the two introduced each other, the young boy's name is Arren. Ang the wizard is Sparrowhawk. And so their journey begins...

Released on July 2006 by Studio Ghibli and Walt Disney PicturesDi
Directed by Goro Miyazaki
Though this was a box office hit it, this movie got the Worst Movie of 2006 in the Bunshun Raspberry Award

Soundtrack title is availabe at Ghibliwiki.

Wallpapers can be downloaded at Minitokyo.
You can listen to one of the soundtrack with lyrics below:

Teru's Song - English translation
Toki No Uta - English translation

I was quite shocked to know about the award they got, Studio Ghibli's movies has always been one of the best, but this movie also got the PG rating, a first for Ghibli, due to the some of the violent scences. The soundtrack was good and so is the view, the story is somewhat lacking to me, as some of the circumstance presented in the movie was not explained. Which made me wonder if there's going to be a sequel to this. However all in all it wasn't that bad, so it made me wonder why they got the award.  Pretty sad.

This movie however was base on the Novel by Ursula K. Le Guin - EarthSea, compose of 6 books.


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