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A story about Remy, a rat who has a special skill, his nose can smell a good food from bad ones. And because of this he does not want to eat garbage or pick up food from any garbage thrown by humans, he wants to learn how to cook. As inspired by the TV host he is always watching during the afternoons. However his father is against this, as he is a rat and he should not be picky about what he eats, and discourages this dreams of his to become a chef. A string of unfortunate events led him to get a chance to be a cook but in disguise. How long can this secret be hidden?

This movie garnered awards.
Release on 2007 by Disney Pixar
Directed by Brad Bird

Ratatouille movie soundtrack title list can be found at wikipedia (click on Music in the table of contents).
To listen to some sample of the soundtrack.
A lyrics to go along with, Le Festin
Here are some resources to download wallpapers on your PC:
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It would be nice to taste some of Remy's cooking, and what luck! There is actually a recipe for the dish ratatouille. The studio wanted to have a real food to base it's cartoons with, and so after much consultation Thomas Keller gave them this recipe - Confit Byaldi to be used for the movie. The Recipe and how to preparation is at But if it's hard for you to follow it, here's a video on how to do it, it's still a bit complicated:

To my dismay some of the ingredients is not available in my location, so to those who had the chance to do this, tell me how it goes, don't be shy and go ahead leave a comment.


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