Monday, August 22, 2011

Ghost In The Shell (攻殻機動隊)

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In the future our worlds are digitally connected. And in Japan, they formed a group tasked to monitor the crimes online. The movie opens with a being who is born from the vast  internet, who seeks asylum from the Japanese government. Major Matoko Kusanagi a cyborg who is part of Section 9 team was task to investigate this, but before they could get a hold of this person the security of the Foreign Service meddle in. Only to know that the hacker named Puppet Master who they have been monitoring for quite sometime is also involved.

During the the Major's investigation it was revealed that the Puppet Master was also seeking her out.

This movie tackles the subject of evolving artificial intelligence, having it's own character or self awareness, also known as it's ghost.

Released on 1995 and Distributed by Shochiku in Japan
Directed by Mamoru Oshii

Ghost In The Shell Music Soundtrack title is available at EX.
Lyrics for Making of Cyborg - lyrics, translation
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This is the 2nd film I've seen for the idea of a possibility that an AI can evolve and can be aware of one's humanity. The first was The Millenium Man. Is this really possible for an AI? And does this mean will they be a better robots?

This reminded me of ELIZA. Really thought this was a AI, but it wasn't, but she sure was a hit when this program first came out. Here's further reading on this program.
Here is the link for the ELIZA you can chat with, and other programs they have made.


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