Monday, September 26, 2011


Love the way how the Cars shine in this movie, I mean the sleek look of the cars and the fast pace speed in the race track.

This movie is definitely for the little boys.

Lightning McQueen a racing car who wishes to win the Piston Cup, so he can get better sponsorship and the lime light off course. Was left behind while travelling towards California where the location of the race will be held. He woke up in the middle of the road, and seeing his rig already far off the road, tried to catch up with it. While running after his rig, he accidentally damages the road at Radiator Town spring, which got him impounded and sentence to repave the road, unfortunately it was going to take more than a day. Will he be able to reach the race in time? And win it?

Released on 2006 by Disney-Pixar Studio
Directed by John Lasseter
Won a lot of awards including the Golden Globe.

Cars Soundtrack or OST listing can be found at wikipedia.
Lyrics can be found at
Sample of the soundtrack can be viewed on
And you can sing along to a minus one at

Below is the main song of the film.

Wallpaper resources are avaialble at:

This is the first release of  Pixar after the acquisition of Disney, Pixar was previously owned by Steve Jobs, the guy who co founded Apple. Since Disney bought Pixar, Steve has been given one of it's largest shares in the company.

This movie also cash in a lot on it's merchandise. And is one of the bestselling items of Disney.

There is a sequel on this, which was released just this June 2011, but the sequel did not do well with the critics, it was the first film from Pixar that got a bad review.



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