Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cars 2

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Shiny cars can still dazzle you in this movie and the espionage theme only makes it more exciting.

The film opens with a boat on a sea, carrying a car named Finn, which we later see is a British secret agent. He secretly boards an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, owned by Professor Zundapp. To spy on something which is being discussed on board, while taking a closer look, he was discovered and a chase ensues to capture him, yet he manage to escape with the aid of his gadgets.

Back in Radiator Springs, we see Lightning McQueen is back to reunite with his friends and girlfriend. Unfortunately it was cut short with Francesco's challenge, a formula one race car, he wasn't suppose to take the challenge but Mater agitated the situation, a little sad that he had to say goodbye so soon, however  his girlfriend urge him to bring Mater much to his dismay. Mater on the other hand was totally excited about it.

At the Grand Prix Welcome party, while Mater was using the comfort room,  Redline one of Finn's contact was also on the same location was cornered by Prof. Zundapp's men, they were demanding that he hand over the images he had gotten, which was vital to Finn's mission. Unwilling to give it to the henchmens, a fight broke, and Mater accidentally barges in on them. Redline knowing he was cornered, passes the files to Mater without him knowing it. When Mater left the bathroom he was met by Holley (Finn's assistant), who mistook him as the agent Finn was looking for. And told him to wait for further instructions for the next rendevzous.

Tokyo was the first location for the race to take place, Lightning McQueen was already ahead of Francesco, when Holly contacted Mater to met up, while following Holly's direction, Mater has forgotten that he has his headset on which McQueen can hear. So while talking to Holly, McQueen followed Mater's directions and lost the race. This made McQueen really mad and he scolded Mater about it. Mater feeling low decided to go back home, and was picked up by Finn and got recruited in the mission.

Meanwhile it was also shown that during the Tokyo race, Prof. Zundapp's men was pointing a camera on some of the racing car, and blowing them up in the process.

What is Finn's mission has to do with Prof. Zundapp? And is McQueen in any danger from them? Can Mater really help Finn's mission?

Released on 2011 by Disney-Pixar
Directed by John Lasseter
This was a box office hit, but did not do well with the critics, and so far is the first low rating review of Pixar.

Cars 2 Soundtrack list can be found at soundtrack-movie.com site with a quick interview of the composer.
To listen to some samples of the soundtrack go to Amazon.com.
Wallpapers can be downloaded at rjun.com site.

The film story focus more on Mater than it is on McQueen, as the main story deals with espionage and not on the race, but not to be totally disappointed,  there are still some good views on the race as the story intertwines with it. What I love about this film also is the zoom out view of the locations, take a look at some of the graphics below:

The Ocean view

A view on the Tokyo location for the Grand Prix

The Tokyo Int'l Airport

Another race track

details, details, and it's a feast on the eyes, definitely worth it watching in the big screen and 3D.



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