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Summer Wars (サマーウォーズ)

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OZ a cyber world, can be accessed through any device, handles any transaction from personal, sports, business, government, and almost all areas of the real life. Available worldwide. Young  Kenji Koiso, who is talented with math, got a summer job with OZ as a moderator. However, Natsuki Shinohara a very popular senior invites him to her grandmother's 90th birthday to do some work, which he accepted without hesitation. On the first night at the Shinohara's family, he received an email with numbers, assuming it was only a puzzle to solve, successfully decoded the message. The next morning, Kenji was awaken by 2 kids telling him he was all over the news, OZ was in chaos someone has hacked the system, and it seems that someone is Kenji. Shocked with the news, Kenji tried to access his account but could not do so for his account has been stolen by the hacker and was using it to do damage in OZ.  Takashi, a friend and fellow moderator in OZ called him up to confirm if it was really him who did the hacking, after much talk, Kenji realize that he unknowingly gave the hacker the password when he solve the number puzzle the night before. After further investigation of Takashi, he found out that the hacker was not a person but an A.I. called Love Machine.

Further in the story it is revealed that Love Machine, a A.I. virus was created by Wabisuke, Natsuki's relative. Bought by the US Army and released to OZ for a test run. Unfortunately since it is an A.I, they did not expect that things will get out of hand. As OZ is connected to the real world, GPRs, satellite, and traffic lights are just some of the examples the Love Machine can ran havoc with. Can Love Machine be stop? And will Wabisuke help? As he is already an outcast for a decade now from Natsuki's family.

Released on 2009 by Madhouse and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Directed by Mamoru Hosoda
Won the Animation of the Year award in Japan Academy Prize for 2010
Won the Best Animated Feature in Anaheim International Film Festival's Audience Award

Summer Wars Movie Soundtrack is available at for the title list.

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If you have seen Digimon Adventure: Our War Game, there is some distinct similarity to this movie. But some say that Summer Wars is the the original and Digimon is only a prototype.

I was quite surprise that they made mention of the Love Machine virus, this made me remember the Love Bug virus that spread throughout the digital world on May 2000, it wreak havoc everywhere it goes, and one of the major bodies it hit was the CIA, Pentagon and the British Parliament. The damage worth was in billions of dollars. After further investigation, it was found out that the virus came from the Philippines. And the following persons was caught:

Reomel Ramones
Onel De Guzman.

Unfortunately they could not be charged as there was no criminal law for the cyber world in the Philippines at that time. The last I heard of them, was that they were hired by some big companies.

I wonder if the authors thought about that incident when they cited "Love Machine virus" in their film.

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The first person who found the cure to the virus.


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