Monday, August 22, 2011

Ghost In A Shell 2: Innocence (イノセンス)

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In this movie only Batou is mainly seen, as Major Kusanagi is reported missing after the incidents in Ghost In A Shell 1, he now has a new partner named Togusa.

A series of deaths caused by the dolls released from Rox Corporation led the Section 9 team to meddle in the police affairs. After the shot out, they went to the crime lab to get more info, there they discovered that the doll was tampered with and left a recorded message - "Help us." Who were the one's responsible for leaving this messages? and why?

Another mind twisting tale between man and machine. Their purpose of existence and what is our reality.

Released on 2004 Distributed by Toho in Japan
Directed by Mamoru Oshii

Ghost In A Shell 2 Movie Soundtrack is available at
For the song Follow Me - translation is available.
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Personal notes:
I prefer the original one from this second release, thought it is not meant to be a sequel as they say, but I do still have my expectations. But it is still a good sci-fi movie to watch. Enjoy!


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