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Apple Seed ExMachina

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A sequel for the Appleseed.

The movie opens with Deunan and Briareos rescuing a hostage in a church, here Briareos was badly hurt while shielding Deunan from a blast, so he was confined to a hospital. Meanwhile Deunan still has to do Swat work, so she was assigned with a new partner which unfortunately looks exactly the same as Briareos in his human form. Causing Deunan to be confused with her feelings. This put a complication in Deunan and Briareos relationship.

Meanwhile the city was plague with a new problem, cyborg and humans alike are becoming terrorist without them knowing it. Realizing everyone was not vulnerable to this, made things more urgent. Will they be able to stop this new threat? Before it infiltrates their minds?

Release on 2007
Directed by Shinji Aramanki and produced by John Woo.
Some of Deunan Knute's costumes was designed by Miuccia Prada.

Apple Seed Movie Soundtrack listing can be found at  Soundtrackziopeppe :
Available lyrics and translation for the following songs:

Puzzle-Riddle - lyrics, translation
Ex-Machina - lyrics

To listen to some sample of the song click on here.

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