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Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し)

From Studio Ghibli and was later on dubbed to English by Walt Disney pictures.

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Chichiro a 10 year old girl didn't like the idea of moving to a new place but was force to, due to her parents, when her Dad took a shortcut to reach their new home, they got lost. They found a tunnel leading to what seems to be an abandoned amusement park. They started to wander around to take a look at the place, her parents found an abandoned stall filled with food, unfortunately since they were travelling they were hungry. Her parents started to eat the food, but Chichiro was a little uneasy about the place that she didn't dare. So she decided to look around more, during her wanderings, she saw Haku. Who immediately warned her to leave the place before nightfall. By the time she has gotten back to her parents, they have been transformed to pigs, and the spirits who occupied the place started to appear.

Totally frightened now and at lost, she ran back to the path where they had come from, unfortunately the small stream that they had previously crossed was now a river. Haku found her, and helped, but in order to get back to her world, she needs the help of the witch Yubaba, who rans the bathhouse and also the one responsible for turning her parents to pigs. But Yubaba was a ruthless witch and did not wish to help, she must find a way to make Yubaba grant her wish, or forever be trapped in the spirit world and lose her parents as they will be slaughtered.

Released on 2001 in Japan and 2002 in Canada
Author: Hayao Miyazaki
This film has earned 200 Million before opening in the US.
This has been release worldwide.
Has won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature last 2003

Movie Soundtrack:
1. One Summer's Day (あの夏へ)
2. Road To Somewhere (とおり道)
3. Empty Restaurant (誰もいない料理店)
4. Nighttime Coming (夜来る)
5. Dragon Boy (竜の少年)
6. Sootballs (ボイラー虫)
7. Procession Of The Spirits (神さま達)
8. Yubaba (湯婆婆)
9. Bathhouse Morning (湯屋の朝)
10.Day Of The River (あの日の川)
11.It's Hard Work (仕事はつらいぜ)
12.Stink Spirit (おクサレ神)
13.Sen's Courage (千の勇気)
14.Bottomless Pit (底なし穴)
15. No Face (カオナシ)
16. Sixth Station (6番目の駅)
17. Yubaba's Panic (湯婆婆狂乱)
18.House At Swamp Bottom (沼の底の家)
19.Reprise (ふたたび)
20.Return (帰る日)
21.Always With Me (いつも何度でも) - lyricstranslation

Thanks to wikipedia for this list of titles. If you wish to download the music to listen to it, go to torrent, but I would suggest buying the originals.

If you want to play the soundtrack in an instrument, music sheets can be viewed on ichigo site.

Below is also the making of the film. If you are interested, go ahead and watch it.

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