Thursday, September 15, 2011


An American CG film.
Released on 2009 by Focus Features
Produced by Tim Burton
Got nominated for awards.

We all know when it comes from Tim Burton it is a fascinating story, a bit weird but still fascinating.

picture credit
Sometime in the future, earth seems to have been destroyed by machines, and the only one's who survive this devastation are these sack like creatures with a life of their own. 9 it seems was the last sack like creature made, when he woke up, earth is totally devastated and void of life. He found a metal with strange inscription beside him and just below the table where he woke up a deadman lies. So he keep the strange thing inside of him, for safe keeping.

As he was wondering around he chance upon a group of survivor that looks like him, but has different numbers on their back. And they are hiding from the machine that is always roaming around looking for survivors to kill. 9 thinks they should fight back in order to survived, but the others do not agree. Unfortunately the machines were hunting them, and so as their numbers where slowly dwindling, their resolve before was change, as they saw 9's determination to end their current situation.

Sources in the net I have found for this movie:
9 Movie soundtrack listing can be found at wikipedia.
A sample you can listen to.
And lyrics to sing along with.
If you are fond of reading transcript of movies, here is the transcript of  9.
For wallpapers you wish to put up on your computer like I do, and screensavers, the following sites have some really interesting things:
Entertainment Wallpaper
Cinema Blend

I am unfamiliar with Focus Features studios, so made a little research on this, it seems a lot of people in the entertainment industry is interested with anime nowadays, to my surprise this is one of the family of NBC Universal. And they've been at this for quite sometime already. Will be looking up their list of anime that they have released, wanna see how good their anime are.


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