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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (風の谷のナウシカ)

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It seems after a devastating war, earth is taken over by some poisonous materials, that turns most of the earth surface to a toxic jungle. Most of the humans are downsized to being kingdoms, and Nausicaä, a princess of one of the kingdoms, understands the jungle more than anyone. She especially knows how to communicate with the insects which is one of the primary key to keep the toxic jungle away from infesting their kingdom. However their peacefully valley was invaded by the Tolmekia-a violent kingdom, when one of their airship crashed in Princess Nausicaä's valley. It seems the two warring kingdoms, Tolmekia and Pejite is after one thing, the cargo from the crashed ship. Which was revealed as to containing a live thing that they called the Warrior. The Tolmekian  believes that they can utilize this to end the toxic jungle. However Nausicaä thinks this is not the answer, but her kingdom is caught between the two kingdoms, how can she save her people? And how can she convince the two kingdoms to stop fighting each other?

Release on 1984 by Toei Company
Directed by Hayao Miyazaki
Won numerous awards
The film earned 740 Million yen
And the last video game of Hayao Miyazaki, base on his work.

Here's a few more resources on the net I've found:
For the Nausicaä Movie Soundtrack titles, go to Anime-OST.
For lyrics, translation on the theme.
For Guitar tabs click here.
To listen online, see if you like the music.

wallpaper available at

A few observations why I like this movie:
1. See that air glider she has there? I would love to own one of those and ride it. But would you believe? Japanese people are actually trying to do just that, take a look at the following link:

2. Though it wasn't clear as to where the poisons on the surface came from, it is quite interesting to see how nature cleans itself up, for further readings, you can go to comicbox to read the interview about this film and get some answers to your question.

If you have other interesting info, do please drop me a line and I'll place it here. And I will continue to update pages here, when I have further time for in depth research on this film.


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