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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女)

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A story about a young teen age girl who got the skill to leapt through time. She knew about it when she met an accident and was about to die. During that time she somehow manage to go back a few minutes before the incident and manage to dodge the accident. She was quite surprise and went to her Aunt to discuss about it, which her Aunt deduce that she could leapt through time.

Finally figuring out how to do it again, she started to redo her mistakes in school, ace the exams, go back in time to enjoy a karaoke, or enjoy a dinner again. When she went back to her Aunt, she was warned that while she was having fun someone might be suffering from what she has changed in time. And true enough the consequences started manifesting itself. She  tried to correct this by again going back in time. Then one day she found a tattoo on her arm, and the number change each time she made a leap, which meant her time leap was numbered.

One day after hooking up her bestfriend, Kosuke with a girl, she almost figure out how she got the ability to time leap, when Kosuke text her that he was borrowing her bike to bring his girlfriend home. Then realizing that the bike's brakes was damage, she ran after Kosuke. Arriving at the train crossing, Kosuke was no where in sight, thinking that Kosuke had cross safely, talked to her bestfriend Chiaki over the celphone. During the course of the conversation Chiaki asked her if she could time leap. Not wanting to answer his question, she used her last time leapt to avoid the question, only to realize that Kosuke has yet to cross the train tracks after her conversation with Chiaki. How can she save Kosuke now?

Release on 2006 by Madhouse and distributed internationally by Bandai
Directed by Mamoru Hosada
Won a lot of awards

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The choices we make indeed makes a difference, even in the everyday life of a teenager, how she handles school, her friendship and relationship, there is a love story in this movie though I have not mention in the summary above, so not to spoil your viewing pleasure, yet it's quite touching to see and so true, that if we have the choice to undo the things we mistakenly did in the past and especially for the one we love, we would do it.

Anyways, time travel has always been a coveted ability human wishes for a number of reasons, and if you search the internet about it, the articles and resources are vast, here's a few example.

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So are you also interested to time travel?