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Earth is overrun with garbage. No living thing can be seen, and only 1 remaining robot was functioning to continue with the clean up. Wall-E.

But unlike the other Wall-E's robots, this remaining Wall-E robot has learned to fix itself, adjust and adapt to the place in order to survive, he is quite curios about the garbage he is cleaning up and would collect trinkets he finds interesting. At one time he found a small plant under the pile of garbage and collected it.

The following day a space ship from space arrive and left another robot, it was from the human beings. Sending another robot to check if it is already safe for them to return and settle back on earth. Wall-E befriended this robot, her name is Eve, when Wall-E showed her the plant, she suddenly took the plant and went on sleep mode. Wall-E beside himself tried many ways to wake up Eve to no avail. Then one day the space ship that place Eve on Earth was back to collect her. Wall-E not wanting to let go of her hitch a ride and tried to be with Eve.

A CG animation from Pixar
Released on 2008
Won numerous awards

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Wall-E Movie Soundtrack title can be found at Wikipedia.
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And a few more funny promotions for Wall-E:

1. Garbage is one of our major problems, and the way we dispose of  it, somehow this movie shows a small truth about our world.

2. Cockroach, of all the animals in this world, this one is definitely very hard to get rid off, they can even survive even in radiation contaminated areas.  So I guess it was only appropriate that Wall-E's pet is this one.
  Click on the link for some facts on the Cockroach: Softpedia and


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