Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

from Final Fantasy wikia
The Second film for Final Fantasy
The first to use the photorealistic technique in a computer animated technology film.

The movie clearly has a good storyline, but what fascinates me is how close to a human face the resemblance is. I thought she kinda look like Sandra Bullock.

Here's a little spoiler on the movie:
Earth is in ruins and humans are living in barrier cities, it is the year 2065, and aliens which they called Phantoms are roaming the planet and killing people by sucking their life force when in contact.

Dr. Aki Ross a scientist and her mentor Dr. Sid believes that there are 8 spirit signatures that should be completed in order to be protected from the Phantom aliens. However General Douglas Heins from the military sector do not share this view of Dr. Sid's theory on "Gaia"- the spirit of the planet, as it is not yet proven. The General believes that the only way to kill all Phantoms is to destroy the source, which is the meteor that fell from the earth years ago. To do this, the General needs clearance from the Council to use the Zeus Cannon, a weapon that has just been completed and capable of mass destruction. However using this weapon would also destroy Gaia. During the course of the debate, it was revealed that Dr. Ross is infected with a phantom, and the signature spirits they have collected are the ones that is keeping the infection from spreading. The proof to convince the Council that Dr. Sid's theory is a fact.

Believing that Dr. Ross in under the aliens influence, General Heins device a plan to gain access of the Zeus Cannon, however things did not go as he planned, and the city was now under attack from the phantom aliens. Now Dr. Ross and Captain Grey Edwards must find the rest of the spirits to save the earth, and they must find it before General Heins destroys Gaia.

Released on July, 2001 from Square Pictures
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi
Got a few nominations for an award, but never won.
Dr. Aki became the first fictional character to be voted in Maxim's list of the sexiest women.

The Spirits Within Movie Soundtrack title listing can be found at
Lyrics can be found at the Opera House.
Some fan also did a transcript of the movie at  Drews script-o-rama.

wallpaper download at

Personal opinion:
During my research about this movie, it was quite a surprise to learn that they had a $130 million dollars expense for this movie yet it didn't garnered enough audience to make a profit, the overall money poured in for this movie is only $52 million and that's already worldwide. This anime actually flop. Maybe the game was far more better than the story.

As for Square Studios, this group only released 2 movies and both movie was Final Fantasy, maybe since they are part of the corporate family of the game.

What I like about this movie is that they can record a person's dream in a way as if seeing it yourself, that would be nice if we have one of those. And surprise! Surprise! The Japanese is already at it.


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