Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Bug's Life

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A story of an ant named Flick who believes that he can improve the life of his colony through his inventions yet this ideals was not shared by his fellow ants.  And consider him as a annoying part of the colony. Unfortunately this was not their only problem, it seems that they are being troubled by a group of grasshopper lead by Hopper, as every year they would visit the colony to demand huge amounts of food from them.

As they were gathering the foods for their offering to Hopper's group, Flick was showing off his latest invention, unfortunately as he was doing a demo, he accidentaly topples over the food that they stored for the grasshoppers, and all of it went to the bottom of the pond. Now the whole colony was mad at Flick, as there was not much time to gather the same amount of food. Flick suggested that they hire bigger bugs to fight off Hopper's group, though no one shared this idea, the Queen thought it was a good idea to send Flick to find these  bugs he thinks can save them, so they can gather the food in peace.

Finally arriving to a bug city, Flick met what he thought was the perfect group of bugs that would save his colony, unknown to him that they were actually circus performers. And the circus bugs thought he was a talent agent looking for some show. Will they be able to save the colony?

Release on 1998 by Pixar Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Directed by John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton
Won numerous awards

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The fist time I saw this, I was mesmerized by the detail and clarity that went into this film, it was impressive. And so I became a fan of Pixar studios, it was one of those times when you know that films coming out from this group will be something worth watching in the big screen.

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