Monday, October 10, 2011

Toy Story

It's a story about the cowboy toy, named Woody who was the most favorite of Andy Davis, and so he is considered as the leader of the toys that belongs to Andy. Until one day, Andy was given a space ranger toy named Buzz lightyear, and it seems the this new toy is now Andy's favorite. One problem however, Buzz thinks his real.

While preparing to go to a party, Andy wanted to bring Buzz, so Woody work up a plan to hide Buzz so Andy will take him, unfortunately Buzz was accidentally pushed out the window. And so Andy took Woody instead. Buzz seeing that he was left behind ran after them, and caught up with Woody at the gas station, when Buzz confronted Woody both toys started to fight, and they got left behind by Andy's car. Now they need each other to get to get back to Andy, Woody took it as a chance to fool Buzz and so told him that they must get to where Andy was going so he can go home to his planet, which made Buzz eager to go. With each other's help they manage to arrive to the place were Andy was going, Buzz seeing a lot of space decorations thought one of the games was his spaceship. And wanted to board it, Woody tried to stop him, but they were taken by Sid, Andy's neighbor, who was known for taking toys apart and making them into something else. Will the two ever make it back to Andy safely? Or be disassembled forever?

Released on 1995 by Pixar Studios
Directed by John Lasseter
Won numerous awards

Toy Story soundtrack can be viewed at wikipedia.
Lyrics can be found here.

Lyrics | Newman, Randy - You’ve Got a Friend in Me lyrics

This is the first release of Pixar before it was bought by Disney, and the first computer animated film. This film did well and as well as it's merchandise, because of this film, everyone was interested in the technology used for this animation, not only the film industry, but in the gaming world, IT world, hardware makers and so on. It's influence was vast. This is Mr. Job's second company he made aside from Next, after he was voted out of Apple a few years back, and ironically this made him more famous than when he was in Apple.

Unfortunately Mr. Steve Jobs passed away last Oct 5, 2011 and the world morn the passing of this brilliant man. Below is one of his powerful speech. Do please take the time to view it.

Goodbye Steve Jobs, you will surely be missed.

"To Infinity and Beyond" - Buzz lightyear