Friday, October 7, 2011

Akira (アキラ)

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The story begins with what seems like a nuclear blast in Tokyo, after a number of years later a Neo Tokyo arises but peace and order was barely maintained. Then the following events took place at the same time:

1. a group of gangsters running the roads to fight off each other
2. a specimen from the military is being chased along the streets
3. demonstrations was breaking out in the streets

The three events finally met up, when the the specimen arrive at the scene of the demonstration and releasing it's power, scattered the people to avoid the falling debris from the mirrors on the buildings. Also so not to be caught by the military. This created the needed diversion to again ran away. Meanwhile the group of gangsters running around the city, was still trying to kill each other off, one of the bikers named Tetsuo almost ran over the specimen who's name is Takashi. And it seems the encounter jagged Tetsuo's psychic powers. So he was also taken by the military much to the objections of his friends especially Kaneda, his childhood buddy.

What exactly are the military doing to this speciments? And what will happen to Tetsuo?

Released on 1988 by TMS Entertaintment and distributed by Toho
Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo
Came out in the Times Magazine in the list of Top 5 Anime

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Though the story is quite interesting about psychic abilities and friendship, but the psychic patterns was not explained much. Maybe the manga is much better? I am unsure as I haven't read the manga yet.

As usual psychic abilities are tied with military experimentation to harness it's possible powers. It seems to be a common plot for me. The only thing that kept me watching about it was my curiosity for "Akira".

I wonder does human beings really have the capability of such skills?